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Velella Gold was born on the wild and surreal west coast of Canada.  Our mission is to drape every ambitious and powerful woman in statement pieces that pair with the beach as much as they do the boardroom.

Our soul is weightless and classic yet bold.



Transparency - Honesty is our first policy. We are not going to tell you our jewellery is something it’s not. If you have any concerns, we’re always here to listen and respond.

Diversity is beautiful - We are committed to representing people of different races and sexualities, and a range of body types in our photography. As we grow we are seeking a diverse range of models to include in our photoshoots to represent the beautiful differences in our society.

Loyalty - Many businesses expect their customers to be loyal. We hold ourselves to the standard of being loyal to our customers. We will treat our returning customers as VIPs with special access to discounts, giveaways and more.

There is room for everyone - We believe that the more local businesses that are successful, the stronger we each are individually. We are looking for other local startups to partner with in our photoshoots, market booths, and giveaways. Please contact us if you would like to partner!



Velella was born from the love our founders have for one another and their professional drive. We know the coasts of Canada intimately - west to east. Lauren grew up in British Columbia, and Vince in Newfoundland.

Vince is a marketing and creative professional with a love for design and building brands from the ground up. Lauren is a true west coast soul with a passion for giving back to the community as a public servant and infrastructure project management professional. 

We pour our free time into these pieces and hope they pair perfectly with your confidence and love for the coasts of Canada. 


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