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Our Jewellery is Made With Gold Fill

All our pieces are designed and hand-made in Vancouver, Canada from North American sourced 14k gold fill components. Gold fill (also called "gold filled") jewellery is the most durable and affordable alternative to solid gold - it's perfect if you're looking for that special something to wear regularly and to last.  

Our Quality

Our gold fill pieces contain 5% solid gold by weight, and meet both the Canadian Competition Bureau and U.S. Federal Trade Commission standards for gold-filled jewellery.

How Gold Fill Compares

Gold fill has a thick layer of solid gold permanently bonded to a base metal through heat and pressure, and has a much thicker layer of solid gold (5%) than gold plated or gold vermeil jewellery (which both have 0.05% gold - 100x less than gold fill). Our jewellery is less susceptible to scratches exposing the base metal underneath the gold. The thicker layer also allows gold fill to withstand much more wear and tear from your skin oils, heat and water. Gold plated pieces in particular may only last a few months if worn daily as scratches will lead to tarnishing. Gold fill jewellery can last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Caring for your new gold

Many components of our jewellery are handmade and delicate, making our pieces beautifully dainty and unique. 

This means they need to be treated with care to continue adorning you for years and years to come.  

Things To Do:

- Dry your gold off when getting out of the shower.

- Polish it with a jewellery polishing cloth that won't scratch its surface (like the Velella Gold polishing cloth).

- Wash the jewellery with a little bit of warm water and biodegradable dish soap.

- Apply creams/oils before putting your jewellery on, to limit the amount that gets on the gold's surface.

- For ultimate upkeep, keep your gold in an airtight ziplock bag while not being worn. More airflow increases the chance of oxidization.

Things To Avoid:

- Introducing your jewellery to rough surfaces that could scratch it.

- Wearing your jewellery while sleeping or doing activities like sports, to minimize the risk of it being yanked and broken.

- Leaving chemicals on your jewellery for extended periods of time (avoid getting into hotubs or pools with your jewellery on, and getting excessive amounts of sunscreen or other creams on it). 

- Working out in your jewellery, as sweat remaining on your piece may darken it.


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